The IMPACT through Football

We asked all of the young people who took part to rate their experience

Creating Opportunities:

Participation will enable us to offer young people a life-changing opportunity that they would not typically have the means to access.  Through this program, both you and these young individuals will acquire leadership skills via an internationally recognized qualification. You will also receive coaching from football professionals while learning the significance of prioritising mental health and the role sports play in overall well-being.

Breaking Down Barriers: By supporting this initiative and providing young people from diverse backgrounds, countries, and religions with this unique opportunity, you play a crucial role in fostering “social capital.” Your contribution helps forge connections, foster openness, and promote mutual respect among individuals who might not otherwise have the chance to interact.

Fostering Unity Across Diverse Communities:

Our aim is to forge strong connections among multiple communities, transcending geographical boundaries, diverse backgrounds, and various religions through our shared passion for football.

Raising Mental Health Awareness:

We are dedicated to raising awareness about mental health, equipping individuals with effective strategies to confront life’s challenges. We believe that sport and community service play a pivotal role in addressing mental health issues, and we achieve this through mental health and financial literacy workshops, football training, and match play.

Empowering Individuals and Communities:

We empower both individuals and communities by fostering leadership skills and providing education in financial literacy. Our program offers ample opportunities for students to take charge of their learning and become actively engaged in the process.

Unlocking Life-Changing Opportunities:

Involvement will make a profound difference by granting young people access to transformative experiences they might not otherwise afford. Through your support, both you and these young individuals will acquire leadership skills recognised internationally. They will receive guidance from football professionals and gain insight into the crucial role of sports in maintaining mental well-being.

Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges:

By championing this initiative and offering diverse young people from various backgrounds, nations, and faiths this invaluable opportunity, you play a pivotal role in fostering ‘social capital.’ Your contribution facilitates the creation of connections, openness, and mutual respect among individuals who might otherwise remain separated, contributing to a more connected and inclusive world.

“Switzerland gave me a different view on life”