Phase 2 - April 2023

What is Football for impact?

FOOTBALL4iMPACT is a unique opportunity to combine young people from very different nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds and encourage them to come together through their common love of football. This project, although in its infancy, is one that is envisioned to occur on a yearly basis. The main aim is to provide young people in London and Switzerland a chance to connect and learn about pertinent topics and how these can be strengthened and alleviated through involvement in sport. The programme will be hosted primarily at Hackney Marshes and is a key component of a council wide strategy to improve the outcomes of young people aged 16 – 18 years old in the borough in the main. The global reach and interest in football lends to attracting and engaging with young people predominantly from a cross section of society but often with those most marginalised from mainstream opportunities.  Football will clearly be used as the platform for engagement and to meet the wider council objective.


In the first instance, the week-long symposium in October, will consist of a series of seminars, talks and discussions/workshops for young people based around the theme of mental health and leadership. Professionals in their field will lead such workshops and will give insight into their own experiences whilst participating in question and answer sessions. In addition, young people from different boroughs of London and Switzerland will interact on a level playing field via 5 a side tournaments, training sessions and a final match day lead by former professional and international football players


In the second phase of the project, the plan is to offer 15 young people from London for an all-expenses paid exchange to Switzerland. The young people who will be selected will be from a financially disadvantaged background yet show extraordinary progress during the week spent together in London. The trip to Switzerland will involve similar activities around the theme of football and it is hoped that with the involvement and support of UEFA and other Swiss based institutions, this could be a trip of a lifetime for some of the outstanding London participants.

About the area

Hackney Marshes Centre offers a multitude of sports related venues and equipment to aid the physical and mental development of the participants. It will also provide classrooms where the numerous workshops will be held in to help the Swiss and UK youth develop into stronger and more independent individuals.

October Program:







Monday 24th Oct

10.00 – 10.45

Introduction to the team and the week

11.00 – 12.00

Football Warm Up/Ice Breaker Session


Lunch @ Hackney Marshes

13.00- 17.00

Accredited Leadership Qualification

TBA (own cost)

London sightseeing


Hackney Marshes


Hackney Marshes


London Eye








Meeting room 1


meeting room 1&2




Show Pitch 1





Leaders / Staff?

Sarah / Paula/ Paul plus coaches Youth group leaders (linked to each foundation) to help with icebreakers


Staff  from the Rio Ferdinand Foundation


Ecolint Staff

Tuesday 25th Oct


Accredited Leadership Qualification – Open college UK (4hrs)


Lunch @ Hackney Marshes

14.00 – 16.00

Football Training Session

TBA (own cost)

i-Max cinema


Hackney Marshes Meeting room 1&2


Show Pitch 1/ Hackney Marshes



Leaders / Staff?

Staff  from the Rio Ferdinand Foundation


Paul Canoville and Hackney Marshes staff


Ecolint Staff

Wednesday 26th Oct

10.00 – 12.00

Paul Canoville – guest speaker on the role of sport to alleviate mental health

Finance Forum to collaborate with Paul Canoville in a Q and A style workshop session


Lunch@ Hackney Marshes


Workshops focusing on mental health

TBA (own cost)

Ecolint Staff Community service in conjunction with Hackney Quest

Venue / Equipment?

Hackney Marshes

Hackney Marshes

Venues to be confirmed

Leaders / Staff?

Paul Canoville & Staff from Finance Forum

Yolanda Lear & staff from Hackney Quest

Hackney Quest staff and Ecolint Staff





TBA (own cost)


27th Oct

Training in

preparation for the football tournament the next day.

Lunch@ Hackney



Buffet/Refreshmen ts served in the Paul Canoville suite for young people and coaches.

Chelsea Football

Club and a Stadium Tour of Stamford Bridge

Leadership Awards at the end of the Stadium Tour by the pitchside ( If inclement weather then presentation to take place in Paul Canoville Suite)

Visit the Club Shop to buy any Chelsea FC memorabilia if they wish to do so


Black and Blue

Legends Event (TBC)

Venue / Equipment?

Hackney Marshes


Chelsea stadium


Chelsea stadium

Leaders / Staff?

Paul & KickOff@3 plus Hackney Marshes staff

Paul Canoville and Chelsea staff


Friday 28th Oct

10.00 – 10.45

Debrief session @ Hackney Marshes

11.00 – 13.00

Match Play/Grand Final Tournament

Lunch@ Hackney Marshes (14.00)

13.30 – 15.30

Awards and presentation to winners and runners up of the Grand Finale and to celebrate the event

TBC (own cost)

Dinner and after Party – Place to be confirmed


Hackney Marshes


Hackney Marshes



Venue / Equipment?





Leaders / Staff?

Kickoff@3 and Hackney Marshes staff


Paul Canoville


Ecolint Staff and Paula Powell

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