Meet the core team:

– Sarah Lalaz –

Sarah Lalaz is a trained educator and counsellor and is currently employed at the International School of Geneva (Ecolint) where she has worked for the last 10 years. 

Since completing her Psychology degree, her career has developed from working as a residential social worker and an ESL teacher, to a Psychology lecturer, learning support teacher to her present role of CAS Coordinator and School Counsellor. In all these roles, pastoral care has played an integral part and each position has also helped her to develop an in-depth knowledge of specific learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties as well as enabling her to cultivate a range of diverse skills and learn from experienced professionals. 

Sarah is passionate about youth engagement and providing opportunities for students to take responsibility for and have ownership of their learning. She loves the CAS Coordinator part of her job for this aspect, as it enables her to encourage students to pursue areas outside of the traditional academic curriculum – hence the development of the FOOTBALL4iMPACT project.

Sarah enjoys pushing boundaries, thinking ‘outside the box’, and is also partial to a wide selection of French cheese.

– Paula Powell –

Football4Impact member Highschool Student Danny Daly

– Danny Daly –

Danny Daly is Swiss born and raised to British-Irish parents. Born into a football loving family, the sport quickly began to develop itself as his biggest passion. Since the age of 5, he has played football at club level and for his school. He also loves watching the sport in any form. Danny has attended the International school of Geneva for 5 years, previously attending another international school in Geneva.
Danny is excited for this project because it allows him to use his love for the beautiful game to help others. He loves the idea of people coming together over a shared love and passion for football. 
Football4Impact member Highschool Student Naja Brooks

– Naja Brooks –

Naja Brooks is Danish and English, but lived the majority of her life in Switzerland attending the International School of Geneva for the whole time. She first tried football at the age 10, at which point it quickly grew to become her life passion, allowing her to play at the national and international level.

She was quick to accept the opportunity to be part of the Football4Impact project, as she wants all children to be able to experience the joy and memories that football has given her. The opportunity to travel and meet knew people is also amongst the things that initially attracted her to this project.
Football4Impact member highschool student Leonie Schemionek

– Leonie Schemionek –

Leonie Schemionek was born in Germany and has since lived in various countries. She started playing football at 5 years old and since then it has been a huge part of her life. 

Leonie loves the project as it combines the passion of football to create connections and new relationships. 
Football4Impact member Highschool student

– Cara Bowley –

Cara loves this project because it uses kids love of football to bring them together from around the world and helps them connect with one another. 

She thinks it is so cool that football can be used in such an impactful way, to bring people together and form meaningful relationships between people that would never have been able to otherwise.

Football4Impact member HIghschool student

– Kevin Werner –

Kevin Werner was born in Belgium and grew up there until the age of 9, when he moved to Switzerland. Throughout his life, Kevin has breathes football, training 5 times per week as he found his passion. Kevin has now been at the International School of Geneva for 8 years, representing the majority of his education.
Kevin loves the ‘Football For Impact’ project as it provides a unique opportunity for teenagers of various backgrounds to meet and share their passion of football together. It also allows students to learn about their different cultures and lifestyles. 
football4impact member Harry Noonan Highschool Student

– Harry Noonan –

Harry Noonan was born in New York City but moved to Switzerland as a one year old. Football has been a massive part of his life from the moment he started. Harry has been at the International School of Geneva from the age of 4. 
“I am extremely happy to be able to be a part of this great project as I strongly believe that everyone deserves the same opportunities and chances at success whether it be in football or just life in general.”
Football4Imapct member Highschool Student¨ Orla Harrison

– Orla Harrison –

Orla Harrison was born in London but has grown up in Switzerland most of her life. since moving to Switzerland, football has been at the centre of her life. Orla has been at the International School of Geneva for 13 years now. 

Orla loves this project because it connects people from around the world through the mutual love for the game. Orla loves that she can make connections through the game she loves so passionately. It amazes her that she can use the game to meet new people and make new connections. 

BSIX College

– Stevland Angus –
Bsix College

Angus was born in Westminster in 1980 and began his career as a trainee with West Ham United, featuring in their 1999 FA Youth Cup win, and turning professional in August 1999.[2] He was on the bench as West Ham won the 1999 UEFA Intertoto Cup.[3] In need of first team experience, Angus joined League Two side AFC Bournemouth on loan in August 2000, making his league debut on 12 August 2000 in a 1–1 draw away to Bristol Rovers.[2][4] He returned to West Ham after two months having made nine appearances for Bournemouth, but failed to break into the first team and was released at the end of the 2000–01 season.

Youth Unity CIC

– Paul McKenzie –
Youth Unity CIC

Paul is a dynamic Youth Professional, Videographer, and Public Speaker who has dedicated the past twenty-five years to positively impacting the lives of countless individuals.

With an unwavering commitment to working with young people from diverse backgrounds, Paul has curated a series of engaging workshops and compelling talks that directly address the challenges facing today’s youth. These thought-provoking sessions delve into crucial topics, empowering young individuals to navigate and overcome obstacles prevalent in our society.

– Shirley Jackson –
Youth Unity CIC 

Shirley, is the MD for Youth Unity, who oversees and manages all aspects of Youth Unity’s operations. With her extensive experience, she expertly handles project management for the majority of our initiatives, ensuring their smooth execution.

In addition to her operational role, Shirley plays an integral part in the overall functioning of Youth Unity. With a wealth of knowledge accumulated over twenty-five years in marketing and branding, she has collaborated with renowned artists, agencies, and non-profit organisations worldwide. Shirley’s expertise also extends to event management, making her a versatile professional who brings a diverse range of skills and experiences to our company and the young people we serve.

– James Hensmen –
Youth Unity CIC

James, is the Head of Strategic Planning for Youth Unity CIC, he plays a vital role in delivering frontline training, support, and intervention services to combat gangs, county-lines, and organised crime. 

James is driven by a deep passion for enabling quality improvement and providing support to vulnerable cohorts at risk of gang-related activity. He thrives on working across diverse communities, forging purposeful multi-agency partnerships that enhance outcomes for those in need. Prior to his current role, James served as a Police officer responsible for coordinating knife crime prevention operations in collaboration with other statutory services. His experience also encompasses strategic planning for addressing gang-related issues and serious organised crime.